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If you have ever experienced problems with your sub floor when you have your old floor covering lifted you are not alone. Most floors have some associated problem when exposed. The types of problem you can expect to encounter are crumbling floor screed, pot holes, uneven surface, loose floor boards, wood blocks and mosaics, broken floor tiles, damp, mildew, mould,

The objective: to ensure the subfloor is sound, smooth, clean and dry before laying commences.

Problems arise for all sorts of reasons. The most common is when uplifting a product previously stuck down to the sub floor. If on a concrete substrate it is common for some of the screed to be lifted. The only solution to this is a new screed. Don’t patch, it will let you down. When the construction is floor boards, depending upon condition, it will most likely have been laid onto a Plywood/hardboard. This will need to be lifted with the floor covering. Again new ply or hardboard is the answer. If on a chipboard base then the product should lift relatively cleanly. Here a wash over screed will suffice. When wood blocks or mosaics are found in all cases a plywood should be over pinned. When a new Plywood base is used it is important that a feather screed is applied to ensure a smooth flat moisture free clean surface is achieved.

Broken floor tiles need to be taken up, it is best to remove all old floor tiles and prepare a new sub floor but if most are sound then a new screed can be applied over these. Similarly uneven floors will require a smoothing compound.

If necessary, repairs to damaged floors should be carried out using products such as STOPGAP 400 REPAIR compound prior to applying smoothing compounds

When you discover a damp problem, a new floor can not be laid on any surface with a reading of 75RH or above. This can easily be tested for using a ‘protimeter’ damp tester. The readings immediately reveal the moisture content in the sub floor. If the indicator shows ‘Red’ then, a damp proof membrane will be required. This is applied to the surface of the subfloor and then a new floor screed can be laid in preparation. If the reading is inconclusive, then it is wise to employ a hygrometer moisture reader. This is an instrument placed in situation and left overnight. This enables a more accurate reading on moisture content.

Research source: F Ball & Co. NICF

Welcome to the new face of The Flooring Groups commercial contracts division.

This newsletter has been designed to inform our customers and potential clients of the initiative behind the company.

The company has expanded its portfolio to include a wide selection of floor covering materials. Our aim is very simple, to provide a 1st class service from design through to specification, installation and beyond.

We pride ourselves in promoting branded products from the industry top names in manufacturing. Working closely with suppliers to ensure expectations are met you can be assured of a complete professional installation.

Based at our established head office business in Islington our commercial contracts division is pro active in developing meaningful contacts within the construction industry. Our confidence in the experience, knowledge and technical support we achieve will guarantee a job second to none.

Our aim is to become a good source of knowledge to the community. You can rely on us to offer the best advice from within the industry. Our information is sourced from leading suppliers and organisations connected to the flooring trade.


Network Rail Portacabin Kings Cross Railway Station

The company has been introduced to Network rail. Working with a property maintenance company a contract was secured to replace the floor covering in one of the Portacabins used on site. The product supplied was Polysafe 3.5

Health and safety was a top priority and all expectations were fulfilled.

Fredericks Bar and restaurant has been refurbished. Much to the credit of our fittings manager Jackie Wells for arranging at short notice the flooring works to the bar area were carried out overnight. The product used was Altro Designer 25.


Social Media Networking

Being new to social media the company has taken advice from several sources and designed a strategy to fit with our expectations in the development of our contracts division.

Our contract sales manager has a linkedin account and this started his interest in Social media. Because this is a global network, the contacts made in the early stages were just that, contacts.

It soon became apparent that by joining and interacting with groups my profile was being looked at by all sorts of people. This was then linked to the company web site.

The next step came with the advice of opening a twitter account. This was done not knowing what to expect or what could be achieved until the final link was put in place, The Blog.

By activating the WordPress application on the linkedin account it all becomes clear.

The blog is written as a newsletter/interactive page, Twitter is used to advertise the Blog and build your network and Linkedin shows the world the personnel. This in turn is linked to the company web site where the world can come and visit.

It’s all very simple.

We draw attention to our company,

We create interest through conversation

We encourage the desire to deal with us

We motivate our contacts into action by making an enquiry.

One of the first acronyms I ever learnt

A = attention

I = interest

D = desire

A = action

So there’s nothing new about social media marketing after all.

Company News

We would like to welcome Darren Hambridge to The Flooring Group.

He takes the position of branch manager of our Islington head office.

With 20 years experience in domestic flooring, Darren brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in soft furnishings to the company.


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