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How do I maintain the appearance of my new carpet?

Posted on: October 15, 2010


Cleaning and maintenance regimes are vitally important to help protect our purchase and this will help sustain the appearance and longevity of the product.

Most manufactures will provide detailed information with regards to specialist care. However, there are certain dos and don’ts that apply to most textile floor covering.

General Tips

  1. Do not over wet into backing materials
  2. Always test any detergent on an inconspicuous area of carpet prior to treating a stain
  3. Use detergents at recommended dilution ratios
  4. Scrape up or blot up any access prior to treatment
  5. Never rub or scrub
  6. Do not use inappropriate detergents on carpets or upholstery i.e. (washing up liquid, wash powders, household bleach, disinfectants)
  7. Always work from the out side of the stain inward to avoid spreading
  8. Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent spotting material not directly onto the carpet or fabric
  9. Encourage quick drying
  10. Deal with stains as quickly as possible for increased chances of success

Regular Maintenance

Regular cleaning will extend the life of a carpet and maintain its appearance. Vacuum clean regularly and thoroughly, which removes gritty dirt that can damage the fibres.

Deal with spillages as soon as possible, preferably the moment they occur.

Periodic Cleaning

When the carpet or rug reaches a stage where it could do with a really good clean, you can either do the job yourself, or you can call in a specialist carpet cleaning company.

If you are considering cleaning a carpet or rug yourself make sure to use only WOOL-SAFE approved products. Look for this mark on the bottle or package.

As a guide it is essential that you treat spillages quickly.

Blot using a soft absorbent paper towel will take up most of the spillages.

Treatment for Spot Removal

For soils and stains a spot clean will normally be sufficient.

Stronger spot removers are sometimes required for persistent stains.

We offer a comprehensive list of spot cleaning removal methods on our web site.

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