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I attended a workshop this week, ‘Marketing to the Public Sector’. To all of you SME business owners and managers I am sure that you will have done similar. My interest is in establishing a good mix of end user clients, whether direct or indirect. Having listened to the benefits of e-procurement I am positive that the benefits are for the client only. The buyer can post all the details he is required and set the bar to exclude or include whichever supplier he wishes. Not to sound too cynical about this but everything is black and white with this system. The truth is that the network approach is still the preferred method of selection but you have to be in it to win it and carry the right badges.

Put all the pieces in place and work your network then you have a chance of success.

The down side for the SME is the time this takes in preparation, submission and the cost involved in securing the credentials. What is important to keep in mind is’ this is not rocket science’ – market your product/service, quote or tender for the job, supply to the best of your ability, win a customer for life and then move on to the next opportunity.

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